Thursday, 7 June 2018

Day 22-25 Blois, Orlean - The End

I will try and load some pictures of Chambord and Chenonceaux when I post this so you may want to go back to those. We had stopped at the Aire in Chambord it was all of 100mtrs from the Chateau and we had reached the end of our journey, but we still had over a week available to tour. We decided to move on to Blois and also Orleans, these being the nearest significant cities. The Aire at Blois was in the town centre (47.58653, 1.32641) and looked reasonable. It turned out to be very convenient and also had free water and WiFi (which unfortunately couldn't handle my picture upload)  
The day was spent wandering round the sights of the town which had a pleasant feel, while not being spectacular. We decided not to visit the Chateau in the day time but to sign up for the Son et Lumiere.  The weather was being a little unkind with squally rain showers through the day and the thought of standing in the Chateau courtyard at 10:30 in the evening to watch a light show when the chance of rain was predicted at 60%  seemed to cross the line between bravery and foolhardiness.  However not to be deterred we armed ourselves with umbrella and ponchos and set out. Better prepared than most present, the heavens did not prevail, and it stayed dry for what was a splendid display with quite remarkable graphics and scenes from the history of the Chateau.
The rain did come shortly after we got back to the van and it continued into the next day. We planned to visit a special set of gardens in Orleans and as we were parked up almost next to the station we had already purchased train tickets for the trip. (40 minute train ride 3 stops £9.20 return each, in a train that was new and comfortable with nice wide seats and plenty of legroom - and a luggage rack that could take a cabin bag. All built by a French company for the state owned French railways).  We changed our plans to suit the weather and instead had a meal; visited the cathedral and the Musee of Beaux Arts. (I wonder if the have a Musee of Mauvais Arts? Perhaps they just call it Moderne Art) It was interesting with many good paintings however some where hung too high, ie 3mtrs up the wall and the direct lighting reflected off the varnish gloss finish on many of the paintings so they had to be viewed from an angle. However we did see a statue of Venus (with arms added,) it had been recovered from Pouzzoli, a site we had visited in Italy.  There were many fine works of art and it is quite amazing how small flecks of light paint can bring a dress to life or make jewellery sparkle.

Today (Day 24) we have moved north to a pleasant little ACSI site (48.285793, 1.227831) as we start our return. The plan for the next couple off days is to visit Evereux tomorrow and night stop in the town  before moving on to visit Monet’s Garden on Saturday and staying on a Cidre Farm.  It will be an Aire by the side of the Seine on Sunday and one of our favourite aires, Montville on Monday before Boating home on Tuesday evening. This will be our last post this trip, although I will add some photos when we get decent Wifi. (Which will probably coincide with the Canadian GP, funny old thing!) Bon Journee.

The Son et Lumiere

The Tower, before above and lit below.

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